About Us

Our Mission

Pugs Unlimited Gives Shelter was started in the year 2008,it wasn't until 2010 that the IRS gave us the title of 501 3c non profit status.Our goal is to help pugs and pug mixes to find new loving and forever home and to help and educated prospective applicants on  the care of their pug. Pugs are great dogs for all ages,seniors as wells as children of all ages.They are great for apartment,condo,or single family homes.Pugs are companion dogs and they just love to sit on your lap while watching TV or by your feet while you are working.Once you get your first pug you will want to adopt another Pugs are like potato chips you can't have just one.We also have a pug club within rescue that also has monthly meet ups that helps owners with any question that my arise.We have holiday meet ups where Santa, the Easter Bunny as well as a Pastor  for blessing of the animals .We here at Pugs Unlimited Gives Shelter are here to help both canine and owners.

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